Why should I use NAÏF’s products on my baby?

NAÏF’s products are especially developed  for the baby skin. Babies have different skin care needs than adults for several reasons:

  • At birth, the baby skin does not yet have a protective acidic layer and is nearly perfectly pH neutral.
  • The epidermis or outer layer of baby skin is 20-30% thinner and therefore less resilient than adult skin.
  • Infant skin both absorbs and loses moisture more quickly than adult skin.
  • Infant skin can be more susceptible to infection. Infant skin has not yet fully developed the defences to protect itself from certain bacteria, and babies do not have fully effective immune systems to fight off infection.
  • Babies have reduced sweating capability, compared to normal adults. This affects their ability to reduce body temperature through sweating. In addition to affecting body processes, this decreased ability to sweat may contribute to rashes.

NAÏF’s products ensure the comfort of healthy skin for your little one. Developed for normal baby skin, sensitive skin and those with atopic skin tendencies, you can be confident NAÏF will have the products you need that are both safe and effective to care for your baby.

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