Tip from Elian: Cradle Cap


What Dandruff is to us, is Cradle Cap to babies. It is a light form of Seborrheic dermatitis: a yellow, oily rash, which often results in an irritated, red, flaking scalp with many sebaceous glands. It can appear on your head, eyebrows, crease between the nose and cheeks, behind your ears and on the chest. Cradle cap commonly appears on babies and fortunately after a short while it disappears by itself. Normally it does not affect your baby, yet we naturally try to improve circumstances regarding this skin disorder.

The cause of cradle cap is unknown. Therefore, you cannot do anything to prevent it from happening to your little one. Just remember, your baby is not having an allergic reaction nor is your baby carrying a contagious skin disorder.


  1. Gently massage your baby’s scalp with a mild oil and a soft brush, this will help to loosen the little flakes.
  2. Try to wash your baby’s hair on a daily basis and use special baby or yeast-killing shampoo.
  3. If the flakes won’t disappear or you feel like you are not dealing with cradle cap, don’t hesitate to contact your GP or a dermatologist. They can prescribe special lotions or pomades you can use on your baby’s scalp.


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