WIN a trip to Portugal

Brrrr. Are you also done with the cold weather? Would you love to have a break? Who wouldn’t, right? And nobody blames you, because going on vacation is awesome! That is why we are giving away a 3-night stay at the stylish Martinhal Beach Resort & Hotel, YAY! This luxury resort is situated at the

Traveling with your baby

Ever had the feeling you have no other option than a close to home holiday destination because of your family situation? Ever felt like going to a more tropical destination, yet scared to be the one on that plane with a crying baby on your lap? We can definitely imagine how stressful traveling with children, especially

Mineral Oil: not as natural as it sounds

Did you know that the majority of baby care products contain an ingredient derived from petroleum? YES, you are reading it right, petroleum!   This petroleum-derived ingredient is called “Mineral Oil”. Since we did research on Mineral Oil; an ingredient which a lot of care products contain, we have started to become more selective and

5 New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

HAPPY 2015!! A new year ahead of us, full of opportunities! Just like everybody else we have set our New Year’s resolutions. The upcoming year we will; 1. Eat Healthy No crazy diets, but healthy fresh food coming from fair suppliers. We usually shop at the fresh food market or at Marqt. They offer seasonal fruits and

The top 10 must-follow Instagram Accounts for cool mums & dads

We have selected our top 10 of must-follow Instagram accounts for cool mums & dads. They are full of inspiration, happy kids and feel-good pictures that will brighten your day. The past six months Instagram grew with 50 million users and now is one of the biggest online social media platforms so we can imagine that

Babyccino ShopUp Event at the Chelsea Town Hall in London.

We are happy to invite you to the Babyccino ShopUp Event on the 3rd and 4th of December at the Chelsea Town Hall in London. The ShopUp is THE place to be when shopping for your kids this coming holiday season: you can do all your Christmas shopping in one fell swoop. NAÏF will be featured amongst more than 30

Our favourite gifts for the holidays

With the holidays right around the corner it is time for some serious gift shopping for your little ones. As we can imagine there is other things on your mind besides shopping we have listed our favourites for you. Besides our brand new gift set, which is of course the must-have for the Holidays we

NAÏF at the Indie Kids Mini Festival

Sunday, October fifth you can find us at the Indie Kids Mini Festival hosted at the recently re-opened Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam Noord. It will be a real Sunday Family event for parents and children that love good food, beautiful products and good music. There will be plenty of activities for kids and lots of new brand to discover.


NAÏF at the 100% Mama Event

On the 13th and 14th of September NAÏF will be at the 100% Mama Event. The event will be organised for hip and fashionable  moms and mommy’s-to-be. There are shops and workshops related to different themes such as lifestyle, beauty, interior design, food  and travel. There will be entertainment for your kids so you will

NAÏF in top 10 baby shower gifts of JAN Magazine

JAN’s marketing manager Annemiek is aunt of a bunch of kids and became a real expert in the field of original baby shower gifts and really fun toys. As ‘real’ aunt of two nieces, two nephews, two on the road and in addition ‘aunt’ of another fourteen kids aged zero to five years, Annemiek is traveling