Five things to do with our Diaper Cream

Did you know that the secret ingredient to our Diaper Cream is Zinc Oxide? A multifunctional ingredient that is derived from a mineral called Zincite. We use Zinc Oxide because it is very mild and natural ingredient, which offers plenty of benefits to keep your (baby’s) skin healthy. Zinc Oxide, better known as the ingredient that

Win a Greentom Upp Stroller!

They are green, they are on a mission, they are called…Greentom. Greentom is a fellow-Dutch company that designs and produces “green” strollers with the ultimate goal to make the world and the future of our children more eco-friendly. The Greentom philosophy is based on “less is more”. So no unnecessary materials which resulted in the

How to stay fit during your pregnancy

So you’re expecting a baby, WOHOOO!!! Congratulations! Now, as you might know, things are pretty much about to change the upcoming months. Naturally, this includes lots of positive changes and probably also some less exciting changes. Let’s start with the exciting changes; you are carrying a cute little “mini-you” who is growing day by day

Why we use Cottonseed Oil in our products?

Cotton has long been produced for its clothing use: it provides a soft, natural fiber that is gentle to skin. However, underneath the cotton ‘balls’ the cottonseeds are rich in oils and proteins that have quite a few health benefits. The cotton extract included in our formulas is 100% natural, deriving from eco-friendly and gentle extraction methods that

Tip from Elian: Cradle Cap

What Dandruff is to us, is Cradle Cap to babies. It is a light form of Seborrheic dermatitis: a yellow, oily rash, which often results in an irritated, red, flaking scalp with many sebaceous glands. It can appear on your head, eyebrows, crease between the nose and cheeks, behind your ears and on the chest.

Jochem interviewed by Ouders van Nu

Founding father Jochem Hes, got interviewed by the Dutch magazine for young parents; Ouders van Nu. In this April edition Jochem talks about his two little boys and the launch and development of NAÏF Baby Care! Two dads in the world of Baby Care naturally stand out. “We are usually the only Baby Care Brand and men

Tip from Elian: soak and smear

Taking a daily shower is potentially bad for your skin. My tip: “soak and smear” The cold winter weather of the last few months has resulted in a dryer skin. The combination of cold weather and our love for taking a daily shower is the perfect recipe for an extremely sensitive skin and eczema! Should we shower